BCM214 Pitch

How does the intake of negative social media effect mental health?

After doing my first four blog posts on my media niche I found this topic which I find extremely interesting and useful to teenagers and young adults. although this hasn’t been as well thought out as I would have hoped (due to the change in direction) This is something Im very passionate about as I decided to make some changes in the intake of media Im allowing to affect my mentality.

I changed who I follow – following accounts that deal with motivation, inspiration, world news, investing and financial literacy and unfollowing celebrities and brands that show only size 6 models and unrealistic beauty standards. I watch 1 ted talk a week, only watch non-fictional shows/movies to remove a “romanticised lifestyle” idea in my mind, and more.

Within these topics alone I plan to research as many methods/observations and lifestyles as I can and bring in as many opinions, research methods, discussions, observations and more to be able to come to a conclusion on how negative social media intake affects mental health of young adults.