The internet of things: From networked objects to anticipatory spaces

The internet of things in its simplest form is the billions of devices that are connected to the internet and how these devices are used to make life easier. When it comes to transportation there are a number of ways that the Internet of Thing (IoT) have made things easier.

Looking at the mapping app called WAZE


This app uses a variety of technologies within the realm of the IoT including;

  • Your speed limit at any given time
  • The speed limit of the road you’re traveling on
  • Showing hazards ahead (cars and trucks on the side of the road, etc.)
  • Personalising transportation (including preferred routes)
  • Shows traffic, road works and break downs that may affect your ETA
  • Shows when a police office is on parol near you for you to slow down.
  • The cheapest place to stop for fuel.

Applications like this are made possible by the Internet of Things,



BCM206 Lecture

Dark Fibre: Exploits, Botnets and cyberwar

The darker side of the networked paradigm is both funny, scary and concerning. For someone who has no idea how to hack anything, I wouldn’t know the first step of hacking something other than guessing peoples passwords by guessing their first pets name and 123 after it.

however for 15-year-old Michael Calce disrupted one of the biggest (if not the biggest) search engine at the time (2000) – Yahoo! He did so by learning how to take over a number of university networks and using that theory to also make a number of big sites crash.

the best part of the story is he thought it was a game, like a puzzle to solve. He didn’t realise the severity of his crime until the president at the time and attorney general were on national television saying how they were going to catch him.

It really makes you think if a 15 year old kid could do that, how are we as a online community supposed to trust online security and safety.



Where it all starts

Lets talk Social Media.. 

To get on a personal level about half way through the start of the year I decided it was time for a cleanse. Lets be real who doesn’t want to be more present when they’re out and not have to worry about little things like their phone going off or who’s messaging you back.. Sounds ridiculous right? 

Up until this point I didn’t realise how possessive my phone is over my life. I kind of get fed up after I noticed my screen time widget telling me my phone usage was at an average of 7 hours a day. 

There are a number of contributing factors that lead up to this point in my life. My disconnection on social media came after a series of broken friendships, lack of care for “instagram life” and the absolute garbage I was consuming through channels such as instagram, facebook, and snapchat. 

This blog is about the simple things I did to change this lifestyle and trade it in for something a bit more present and to enable me to be connected to the people and environment around me 

Ways to get out of a toxic relationship with your phone

At some point we all go through a serious relationship with our phone. I for one have a screen time average of 6 hours per day. Astronomical! Here are some of the best ways to get rid of your bad phone habits and sever the attachment your hand has to your phone.

  1. Greyscale

You as a human are attracted to colour, your home screen on your iPhone is full of bright colours Im sure. From Facebook to instagram even to snapchat and messenger. Enabling the Greyscale feature allows you to cut the connection between these bright colours and your subconscious mind. You can activate this in your settings of your phone. Your phone will look a little different. also a lot less attractive, leaving you to not want to spend so much time on your phone. Interested in the greyscale feature, learn more here.

2. The Morning/Night Rule

This is something ive found works, It may not work for everyone but it certainly does for me and for a lot of people I know. The morning/Night rule is simple – don’t let your phone be the first thing you look at in the morning, and don’t be the last thing you look at before you go to bed. Breaking this habit is a little harder than it seems. I recommend getting an alarm so you have no reason to pick your phone up first thing in the morning. However I know that not everyone can spend the time or money investing in an alarm clock so if you’re using your phone for the purpose of an alarm, Turn your phone off in the morning.

Another way to make this a little bit easier is charge your phone on the other side of your room not on your bed. This means it won’t be the last thing you do before getting into bed and you’ll also have to physically get out of bed in the morning to turn your alarm off.

Start easy, go 5 minutes without your phone in the morning/night then slowly build it up as you get better. Breaking this habit allows you to regain control of your life and your time.

3. Social media addiction

This sounds so simple but never underestimate the power of unfollowing people. Go through your instagram (and other apps that are consuming a lot of your time) go to your followers and sort through them. Highschool friends you don’t talk to? Unfollow. Friends of friends of which you’ve never spoke to? Unfollow. Celebrities that push misleading body images? UNFOLLOW.

If you follow a big number of people, cut back to 400 people that you’re allowed to follow. Let this number include you family, close friends, informational pages, inspirational pages and anything else that represents you as a person. If you have a smaller following amount cut this number down to 100-150 people/accounts you follow (with the same rules applying.)

4. Do Not Disturb (DND)

This is a great way to disconnect. In the more recent updates of the iPhone you’re able to set times in which you wish to not be disturbed. Set this time from a couple hours after you get home from work of an afternoon (allowing you to have some time on your phone – and not going cold turkey. The idea is for these habits to stick, not last for a tiny week detox then have you jumping back into your old toxic ways) and set the Time it turns off before you go to work. You will still receive calls, however this just allows you to not get those pesky notifications from the game you never play which you downloaded 4 years ago which is hidden away in some little folder never to be seen.

Have any questions? Leave a comment and start a discussion surrounding this topic or topics you’d like to get into. See you next time!

Does putting your phone on Greyscale work?

Its no secret that app developers, social media companies, and even iPhone developers spend a mass amount of money and time to make their products work to the best of their ability. One of the biggest ways to keep your attention is using your sub-conscience psyche to keep your stimulated in order to keep you using the phone/app/social media etc.

What is Grey scale?

Grey scale is essentially draining all the colour out of your phone for it to look like its got a black and white filter on top of everything. As a result of this, your phone screen will go from this (left) to that (right)

What does grey-scaling do?

straight away you can notice a lot of differences. The idea of the bright colours are to entice you to select them. You are drawn to bright colours subconsciously. You don’t even have to know about it. So taking the colour out of things changes this. You can still tell apps apart but you won’t be drawn to an app as much with gray scale on compared to having this feature turned off.

Take the colour red for example, the colour of the notifications on an Apple iPhone. Having a little red notification circle disrupts a lot of the colour schemes within a home screen, or pages of apps you’ve got on your phone.
What does the red notification want to gain? You’re attention. Disrupting the colour scheme/pattern of your home screen with this colour makes you want to get rid of the notification and by doing this you must spend time on the application sending this notification.

You can turn this feature off however for the purpose of instant contact, it kind of defeats the purpose of having a phone in the first place. Enabling the Greyscale feature on your phone allows you to still be notified and see when you have a notification, but removes the subconscious need to remove the notification button hovering above your apps.

The Psychology of colour

Having already talk about red and its ability to draw your attention, lets talk about the other colours you might find within your screen. Do you ever wonder why most apps have the same colours on their app icon? Red, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Orange. Breaking that down further do you ever wonder why they’re all sort of the same tones of each colour? Again this isn’t a coincidence this is due to the app development departments of companies using psychology to best connect you with the app. They do this using connotations (Background thought associated with colour) to enable a connecting link between your subconscious mind and the application due to the colour of its icon.

As you can see above different colours represent different things. To read up more on the colour psychology click Here.

Have any questions? Leave a comment and start a discussion surrounding this topic or topics you’d like to get into. See you next time!


Wikileaks – non-for-profit organisation which is dedicated to releasing classified documentation and media leaks in order to report the WHOLE truth, rather than just the ‘better’ truth.

A group of which has a 3.6 Million followers on facebook alone

“The year of Wikileaks began with the release of a video taken by a U.S. attack helicopter, showing what sounded like a trigger-happy crew killing civilians alongside their intended targets”

Benkler, Y (2011)

This group has been dedicated to release media that is important for the public to be aware of. Similarly to how Anonymous operates. These Groups/organisations were made to release all forms of media/information, no matter how that media/information was acquired.

Im not a huge fan of getting hacked but I can say with people of this expertise level looking out for the better interest of the world, it makes the world a better place. Although both of which groups are American/European based it makes you think how many people have stopped doing things they shouldn’t be doing in the chances that others could find out.

Not all hackers seem so bad



Networked insurgencies: Social media revolutions and meme warfare

After learning about meme warfare last year, this topic is so interesting And to top it off we have one of the biggest presidential debates/elections going on at this point in time.

Meme warfare is the propaganda taken to social media and how social media is used to get knowledge out about the topic and persuade an audience. Nothing better than a good old Trump Vs Biden Debate, and the memes surrounding this are all types of perfection, whether it be through; humour, persuasion, flat out facts, and so much more.

Collective intelligence has made information readily available for audiences and users of social media platforms. Accounts that put this information together have generated a wide following

and many more like this take information from a magnitude of social media accounts and place it all in the same area. Theres so much more to get into but accounts like this make it easier for every day users to follow things like the presidential election.



Feudalism 2.0: Living in the information stack

Information/data is one of the most value for money things anyone can purchase.


Its pretty common knowledge now that facebook is pretty much a huge marketing company. They sell their users information/data and behaviour to companies in order to get the most out of their advertisements. As a user of this platform you can actually go and see what data they are collecting.

To find this date you go to “settings and privacy” then click “settings” and scroll to what you wish to look at.

Heres a few of the topics:

The amount of information we give off use by clicking, liking, giving our attention to, our demographics and more, is impressive. The extensive information that is gathered on each individual is both impressive and scary.

all of this information is made available to each user, and as a part of the user community for facebook its important to see, adjust and overlook what you’re being targeted for.



My personal facebook

BCM206 Pitch

I didn’t have enough time to go into depth with my pitch so I want my accompanying blog to clear up anything my pitch didn’t touch base on.

I am knowledgable in motivational/inspirational advice/methodologies. I think this can be used to really better the lives of those around me. I have always been interested in this, following pages that discuss these ideas, watch ted talks, read books, and go to shows with motivational speakers.

When starting this, I realised that not everyone has time to set aside for a 30 minute motivational conversation, what if I make 60 second videos on platforms to get this important information spread.

I will conduct this DA by posting a range of short videos on tiktok, instagram stories and facebook pages. I will redefine if need be once the project is underway.

By the end I plan to have some sort of following to raise awareness for healthy life habits and hopefully bring some light to otherwise hard and dark times.

Just the beginning

And we’re back, 

Its been a hot minute since ive done a digital artefact. Having completed some before its time I actually did something I’m passionate about, that will better not necessarily by future career but it will definitely better my future self. 

Here are some of the question s we were asked to consider…. 

What are your hobbies and interests. 

  • What are you passionate or curious about on a current issue or problem?
  • Do you have skills/experience/knowledge that you can use? 
  • Is there a career path that you want to follow? 

Im not sure if its been the write off year, the twisted turn of events in my life or just the overall grey cloud that is really sh*tting on everyones parade but something ive become really interested in is ted talks/ inspirational things that help your head and heart. 

Ive watched a few ted talks (and when I say a few I mean a lot more than a few) over the years, and with this has come a lot of knowledge, stories, positive advice and just general overall happiness that ive been sharing with family and friends. 

My idea for this years artefact is to create a tiktok/youtube channel and maybe even a podcast that shares the things ive learnt and the knowledge I want everyone else to understand – at ease without having to watch hundreds of hours of videos to get and understand these concepts.

I chose tiktok as a main platform because it targets the general audience of users in my age bracket who might find this knowledge useful or even helpful in their daily lives. To accompany this I wanted to create a youtube channel or podcast to go into more in-depth ideas in a sit down with me and chat style. Additionally, as podcasts have become a lot more commonly used among my target audience I believe this could be a worth while avenue to take. 

As Youtube and podcasts can be quite hard to make in terms of time, I chose the platform of TikTok to make this process fast, inexpensive, simple, tiny as it can be, this allows me to be able to put out content a lot more regularly than say youtube and podcasts, as they include editing, cropping, embedding, and all other types of skills which make the process lengthier, and makes the content creation and the audiences reaction to that a lot slower. 

This still needs a fair whack of fine tuning and iteration but I think This is a great foundation for where I want to take this project, Check back in next week for my Pitch