Module 1: Ideating

After taking BCM112 last semester I wasn’t new to the idea of having a DA. I actually sat on it for months, what I should do, what would look good on my port folio, what isn’t like work and is more like play, and what would I like to continue if given the opportunity to?

I currently have a part time job at a patisserie in the Southern Highlands, my employers knowing this, allowed me to run an instagram/ facebook takeover for the duration of this semester – and to spice it up a little bit it’s now a competition to see how much I can improve the page in the little time I have


To begin with I was more focused on the photography side of the instagram. So the feed I was producing was aesthetically pleasing but I soon realised, with food especially within a patisserie every photo is really busy and next to none have a simplistic look so for aesthetics of the feed I needed to re-evaluate, and just ensure each photo by themselves is aesthetic, as I began to post more frequently this became more evident.

I also recognised during the continuation of posting photos to the page that the platform is more to gain information about what is being sold, not necessarily for photos of the product or to educate the audience in regards to pastry its self, its a platform to display information about the business to its local community in order for their audience to expand and continue.

Something that I found really handy with the observing stage of the first module was that due to Thegumnutpatisserie being a public page it has its own insights, this allows the admin of the page to see how posts are going, whats working and what isn’t working to the best of its ability.

Here are some screenshots of instagrams insights:

During the defining stage I realised that users were typically liking individual photos, not looking through the page itself, creating a bunch of hashtags that were specific to the Gumnut Patisserie made it easier for these people to interact with the page as well as getting involved in their own way, after all everyone loves a bit of food porn.

In the Ideating stage I found relating apps that I could use that would be helpful in the running of this projects, apps such as “later” which schedules posts for instagram meaning that once a week every week I could sit down and write all the captions and attach all the hashtags in order to save time during the week. I used editing apps like VSCO which helped with the overall aesthetics of the page, however didn’t help as much as I would have liked with the organisation and link between each post, which is one of the main features of the app if you chose to use it.

In the coming stages I plan on continuing using a wide range of hashtags to see what works with and what doesn’t work with the audience interaction. I also plan on creating a bunch of highlights, so customers can be featured and the operations side of the business is allowed to be connected to the retail side. There is also discussion on creating a mini series of each of the pastry chefs in the kitchen, so the audience can connect with the business, although it may run as if its a corporate business, its run by locals for locals.




Starting up

For my DA this session I have decided to takeover an instagram account, for work I work at a cafe/ patisserie and for that I also take photos for their instagram and Facebook page.

Before I started posting on instagram this is what the page looked like this


Before starting the page had:

  • 627 posts
  • Following 1,070
  • Between 90-100 likes per post.
  • Little engagement with the followers.


What I want to improve is:

  • The photography on the page is not overly great
  • I want to remove the crappy edits
  • Get the instagram standard up to the standard as the cakes being produced, as the social media aspect is what is letting the business down
  • Community interaction