Privacy, Surveillance, and the Price of Content

When living in such a digital age is there any such thing as privacy? Well apparently not after looking at China’s new digital tracking systems. I can’t even begin to imagine how bad of a score I would have, I wouldn’t even be allowed to leave the local area, but thats besides the point..

The Netflix series ‘Black Mirror’ released the episode of ‘Nosedive’ on October 21st 2016. This episode highlights the ways in which digital tracking, privacy and the price it can have one individuals. This is shown when the main character essentially goes insane after the ranking system puts her to below 1 star.


The fact that this was released two years before Chinas credit system came into place scares the life out of me and makes me wonder whats yet to come in our digital society.

Should rewatch black mirror and take notes to prepare myself? I feel as though its the only acceptable thing to do these days.


DA Finally Getting Places

So after about 8 weeks of being stumped/trying/failing/trying again. ive finally come up with something

My New and improved DA was started 2 weeks ago and here is my BETA video regarding the behind the scenes action on my stress levels since the start of session

This digital artefact has changed a fair bit during the process however it is officially offical!! to sum my DA up

I plan on creating a youtube channel that rather than just having a base foundation for videos, to create a wide range of videos, things that I know and don’t to appeal to a wider audience. these videos include, but of course aren’t limited to;

  • Q&As
  • get ready with me
  • makeup tutorial
  • story times
  • day in the life
  • 50 facts about me
  • makeup reviews
  • carpool karaoke
  • mukbangs
  • etc

if you have any ideas leave a comment on this blog or follow my social media accounts, it would be much appreciated

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Melanie xx

Controlled Reality

Everything real is reality… Right?

No, you’re wrong. It may be your personally perceived reality, however there are many factors that come into play when dealing with reality..

Have you ever thought about the reasons as to why you make specific decisions about what you wear, the way you act and how you behave within society? Well welcome to hell, other wise known as the psychological effects of consumerism and industrialism.

Get ready because this is going to get messy

Take your clothes for example.. Why are you wearing them? because you like them and you bought them and decided to wear them today? Well while that may be your reality, you are actually living a perceived reality. The real reason why you’re wearing the clothes you’re wearing is because you were conditioned by the media to look a certain way.

Another way to look at it is that companies mass produce clothing items. but without mass consumption they would lose revenue. Advertising strategies allow consumers to make the connections between what looks good and what doesn’t, therefore controlling your personal reality.

Digging Deeper

Now that you’ve gone through the basics and understand that we are all products of society and can comprehend that we are all little fish in the fish-tank called life.. We are all fed the same information, ideas and concepts about our society, behaviour and consumerism.

We’ve been preconditioned by society to behave and act a certain way. But how can this cycle be broken?

A manifesto written by Theodore Kaczynski he highlights many key points regarding the way we are “supposed to” behave 

One example from this reading is cars and what they represent vs what they are.

When you get your license and a car you are more free, thats because cars represent freedom. You can get places faster with cars but the reality is that you can get to more places without cars than you can with them. After all, you don’t see cars driving through the forrest, along the beach or on the edge of cliff faces. when you first get a car you expect to be so free that you can go any where and do anything but how true is this? When you get a car you actually become more confined. You now have to follow certain rules such as car registration, paying for services and pinks slips and green slips, you need to abide by road rules, and so much more. therefore you conditioned by society to behave a certain way otherwise there will be consequences.. But what about when no one is around..

Its the middle of the night you’re driving home and you come to a set of lights, and you’ve got a red light. You will stop at the red light won’t you and wait for it to go green again? Even though you’re not hurting anyone and there is no physical consequence for running the light you will stop purely because you’re conditioned by society to act and behave in a certain way.

Now that you know this will you still chose to conform? 


Til next time,

Melanie x


Click to access kaczynski2.pdf


Framing and Construction of Perception

Framing and construction of perception in the media is something that it is well known for, after all we don’t all live the lives our instagram pages live; going out, partying, going to festivals, expensive lunches, yoga every Sunday morning and all that. This is all a product of our perception.

The white helmets, take them for example, is all about perception.

Seeing the video from the start, we are able to see that the whole thing is intact staged, however the cropped clip that was posted to the internet makes it look as though these people that identify as the white helmets are doing an incredible rescue.

Looking at reality vs Instagram photos are also a good way to see how perception and framing places a role in social media life.


It is clear to see that the difference between social media life and the reality behind photos that are posted on instagram, how much of your life is reality or ‘insta’-reality?


Meme Warfare

Memes are an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations.

Meme warfare means memes that are used for political gain, Hilary Clinton uses meme warfare In her campaign #draftourdaughters. The effect of this is appealing to the nature of youth that can interacts with memes on social media and connecting that audience with the elder generations who interact and react to politics and new campaigns.


For my remediation this week I’ve taken a voice recording of an impersonation of Ted talking about meme warfare with video footage from world war 1 over the top to create a meme on meme warfare.  I also uploaded the remediation on twitter so check out my twitter account as well

I also uploaded the remediation on twitter so check out my twitter account as well 🙂

Back and Better

Alright so!

Ive come up with this new idea that I can use to:

  1. not only help me submit something for my DA but,
  2. help the greater good

for my new and improved Digital Artefact I’ve incorporated something Id done before uni started and have chosen to continue it to kill two birds with one stone.

After a fairly recent trip overseas to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana. I realised that some change needed to be made and if not me, who? I visited and did a tour of an underdeveloped school in Zimbabwe and it was then that I noticed how crap the buildings at the school were, the teachers made the most of what they had on hand but that wasn’t much at all. The children had no resourced but the one thing I noticed is that all the students wanted to be there and wanted to learn and make something of themselves to better themselves and set them up for their life ahead.

Since being home from the trip I took it upon myself to raise money for a good cause… Getting these kids the resources they needed and the funds they needed to attend school.

Since returning home I had a pen pal, who wrote to me explaining that her family didn’t have enough money to send her to school for the year.. Did you know It only costs $16 to send a child to school for a whole year? – And I’ve been sitting here complaining about my private education.. Makes you feel heaps crap right?

Since being home I’ve taken it upon myself to help a good cause, and in a matter of months I’ve raised over $2,000 to go straight to resources and funds to help these children make a better lives for themselves.

Previously how I’ve raised the money was through a serious of coin/loose change jars at local cafes, and with the help of the business owners who said ‘for each $1 donated we will donate $1 to match’ this significantly helped raise that amount of money in such as short period of time.

I took this future by creating a facebook page that will be up and running soon called “We The Future” – by the children for the children. the way in which I plan to get notice about these issues out there would have to be through inviting a lot of my friends to like the pages and hoping that they’re share and even donate to the cause whilst also sending out more coin jars to cafes to generate insignificant loose change into something significantly beneficial.



DA Update

So after getting about half was though one conspiracy theory, I recognised that there is a minor issue (and by minor I mean major).. I can’t physically  go through everything on the internet regarding the case. It took me forever (just over a week) to find the information that I did and that didn’t include important factors of my DA such as:

  • Finishing the research for the theory
  • Making the youtube video
  • Involving different mediums to keep my audience interested
  • Editing the video – to that of a length that would fit in the acceptable time range of “typical youtube videos”
  • Physically posting the video
  • Having time to promote it
  • And continue the series with other conspiracy theories each week.

Looks like I’m in need of a new DA idea..

If you have any ideas please let me know or if you have any way that you think this could work… Please leave a comment down below, please id love to hear from someone!

As for now I’m searching for new ideas, on how to create my DA and what I should do.

I guess Ted always told us.

“Fail early, Fail often”

I’ll keep you updated!!!

Melanie x

Jonbenet Ramsey Case

Background info 

Born 6 August 1990, jonbenet lived with her family in Boulder, Colorado. Her mother (Patsy) her father (John) and her older brother Burke, who was nine at the time of the murder. Jonbenet was just 6 years old at the time of her murder, prior to her death she competed in Beaty pageants 

Facts: (Bold – points that are important to remember) 

  • On the right of Christmas, 1996 the Ramseys hosted a party at their home, that night Jonbenet was put to bed at 9pm.
  • At 5am patsy Ramsey (mother) woke up to find a ransom note left on her stairs. 
  • The ransom note stated that jonbenet had been kidnapped and for her safe return the Ramsey must pay $118,000 
  • The note also stated that the kidnappers would call between 8 and 10am regarding the instruction on how to deliver the money 
  • The police were called.. the family and the police waited for the call regarding instruction but the call was never made. 
  • The police asked the family to scan the house and see if anything was out of place. During this time jonbenet was found in the back room of the Basement by her father John and he carried her upstairs.
  • Jonbenet had died from blunt force trauma and strangulation. Her body had also showed signs of sexual abuse. 

Things to consider: 

  1. The ransom note – was extremely unusual for a number of reasons 

– The ransom note was three pages long. Usually ransom notes include two main points. one, that theres been a kidnapping. Two, the terms/ money that want in return for the safety of the person.  The jonbenet note was incredibly chatty, going on for three pages about who the kidnappers were, what they were going to do with JonBenet, and other strange superfluous information. 

  It ended with the strange sign off “Victory!” It is an all-around weird note. Because of its strange language and weird demands, some people think the note was a fake. 

– the note came form inside the house – this is really unusual because people who are kidnapping and breaking into a house usually don’t have time to waste writing a ransom note, especially one that is 3 pages long. This means that the kidnappers had to complete three tasks. Break in, Kidnap/kill jonbenet and write the ransom note all while the family slept. Which creates speculation. Why would the kidnapper risk getting caught? But if this was an inside job then the family didn’t need to be sleep during this time and there wasn’t any possibility of getting caught.

– the weirdest part of the kidnapping is that there wasn’t actually any kidnapping. Jonbenet was killed inside the house. So whats the point fo writing a ransom note, demanding all this money all for a plan that wouldn’t have ever worked? 

  1. $118,000. – for a ransom note this is a oddly specific amount to pay. 

– Usually the number is rounded to the nearest 10s or 100s. This is something to consider because that is the exact amount that John Ramsey was recently paid as a Christmas bonus. Which could mean one of two things: either the kidnappers knew John had received this amount of money as a bonus and that he would have it, or John wrote the note himself, trying to make it appear that someone who knew his bonus amount was the kidnapper. 

  1. The Basement. – The basement is signifiant because when John was asked to look around the house for anything unusual he walked straight to the basement and right to where her body was. 

– in the basement there was a broken window and a suitcase on the ground next to the window with a footprint on it. John explains that he broke the window poor to the kidnapping but as for the suitcase and the footprint he had no idea who the suitcase belonged to or how either of them got there. 

  1. The 911 call – when patsy had called 911 early that morning she said some things that don’t seem typical with mother who have just had their daughter kidnapped

  She said, “We have a kidnapping” when she explains why she is calling. This type of passive language (“We have a kidnapping” vs. “My daughter has been kidnapped”) has been linked to lying. Patsy also didn’t even mention JonBenét until a few sentences into the 911 call, she talked about the kidnapping and the note, but not that her daughter was gone. This technically isn’t evidence but it is something extremely unordinary when dealing with your daughter being kidnapped. 

– Another unusual fact about the 911 call is that patsy was the one to hang up. This also isn’t any technical evidence, however usually when a person calls emergency services they don’t hang up the phone until the service is there or they know for certain that the service is nearby or going to be at the requested location. 


There are a number of theories

The parents – this would explain why the ransom note was written inside the house. The Ramsey’s had contaminated the crime scene. They were cleared by DNA evidence however with contamination it is hard to come to any real conclusion. This would also explain that there was no footprints in the snow on the morning afterwards. If there really was an intruder there would be evidence right? And the cobweb being undisturbed, whats that all about? 

The brother – this would also explain the beating over the head, she had such a bad head wound that his parents finished what Bourke started to cover it up and protect Bourke. this also backs up the theory of why Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey had a motive.

The Medium Is (still) The Message

Digital Production and Aesthetics

This week I bring you “The medium is Still the Message” in which we are ‘digging deeper’ into the theory and including the concept of digital productions and aesthetics.

Nowadays we live In a society where everyone writes, records, produces, reads, watches and listens.  Referring to the Emergent Media Paradigm, it is clear to see that there is low cost in production along with this is a low risk for failure.  Creating content on sites like; PHOTOMOSH, youtube, reddit, giphy etc. are super easy, anyone with basic skills (like myself) are able to create and share original content. 


During this weeks tutorial Doug explained a student had been attending the wrong tutorial for the past 4 weeks, attending Teds Mon. 2:30-4:30pm class rather than Dougs 4:30-6:30pm.. I decided to use his twitter post to create a PHOTOMOSH and share it with other people in my BCM112 class. Making this had low risk of failure and no cost of production and sharing this on my personal twitter account allowed for others to engage. this also is an example of users creating, producing and distributing content.


The Medium is the Message

The medium is the message.. But what does this actually mean?

Well, the medium is the way in which information is portrayed and delivered, and the message is the information that you’re trying to deliver. A very simple concept once you understand it but it took me a week of research to get to a point where I can understand what Marshall McLuhan meant by these five words.

Dan Olson states in that “what has been communicated (the message) has been less important than the particular medium in which people communicate”

Looking back in history, when oral and print based cultures were extremely significant and some of the only ways to convey messages, it created emphasis on the visual and listening techniques.

However 55 years after the concept “The Medium is the Message” was originally published the idea is still leaving the minds of many trying to understand the concept mind boggled and is extremely challenging.

One of the main points that McLuhan touches on is that mediums have a more extensive impact on the nature of society than any message that is communicated or delivered through a medium. Examples of this include the electric light. The invention of this medium has reshaped the way humans interact with day and night. Without the medium, any messages which have come from this aren’t independent. They rely on the lightbulb, therefore the medium is the message.

Photo Reference

Radios and televisions have restructured the way we spend our time and the way we build and arrange our houses. Take the next image and consider your own living room  for example…


Without the television in your living room would your living room be arranged in a different way? The lounge wouldn’t need to face something that doesn’t exist.. right? An ideal living room has enough seats for all house members, the lounge is facing the television for primetime viewing and theres usually a meter plus between the television and the closest piece of furniture in front of it. The reason for this is so that the message can be communicated in an effective manner… You wouldn’t don’t have your back facing the television correct? Otherwise it would be a radio.

Mediums are used to extend our capability and essentially McLuhan’s concept is that without mediums there is no message.

In a dummied down version… Without a phone you’re not getting any phone calls and without any phone calls you’re not giving or receiving information. The phone is the medium and the phone calls are the message.

I must admit that this concept had me in a headspace that left me more confused the further I got into it but there is definitely a strong connection between mediums and messages, that is that messages are dependent on mediums and that mediums are independent.

What do you think about this concept? Is the medium the message? Leave some feedback or comments below! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Melanie x