Hey again,

This session in Understand Practice Research we are looking at ways in which things we are interested in/ curious about have affected our life at university.

On my first day of uni I walked into BCM112 and the first thing that was said was that ‘if we don’t want to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars on a university degree, don’t. All the information that was going to be taught in this course was readily available on the internet and that it was just up to us to find the right resources’ that specifically is something that has stuck with me and that I won’t ever forget.

when asked earlier this session on what we are interested/fascinated and curious about it got me thinking.. how many people want to drop out? and why? – my aim was more towards BCM students because ‘everything we get taught can be found on the internet’ but I decided to widen my target audience and look at all the contributing factors of why students would want to drop out of university.

I plan on executing this by looking at the following paths and doing research on each

  1. University students and monetary issues
  2. Disinterest in their selected course
  3. Travel to uni
  4. Offered a full-time job

There obviously are a lot of factors which contribute to a student dropping out of uni, some personal factors do come into play but for the purposes of this research I want to look at the general factors and possibly even see if theres solutions to these issues which will minimise the number of university students that are dropping out of uni