BCM325 Live Tweeting

This session in BCM325 – Future Cultures, we’ve been doing screenings throughout each seminar. Of which we’ve had to Live tweet with our class in order to communicate effectively with our classmates and discuss the topics at hand.

Here you’ll find some of my tweets sorted into weekly sections along with an analysis of the tweets as a whole.

Week 1 – Metropolis

This week was the first week of Live tweeting. I assumed that it would be easy to watch a movie and tweet at the same time. I was severely wrong about this… So much so I tweeted about it

Heres something they don’t tell you: When typing a tweet you need to make sure you’re still paying attention to the film your watching. I missed many pieces of the film by focussing on making good quality tweets. however I still managed to get some good tweets in

Here are some of the tweets I would consider my best for the week of Metropolis

*Retweet on my profile*

These the tweets pretty much sum up my mind blowing moments throughout the week. As ridiculous as it sounds, these tweets kind of gave me that eureka moment of wow I get the drift and the possiblilities of media, techonolgy and how societies function.

Being the first week however there were some pretty dud tweets – looking back I wonder what I was thinking. The tweets aren’t horrible tweets but the content is so minimal that when it comes to what I was actually talking about – your guess is about as good as mine..

Week 2 – A Space Odyssey

Now moving onto week 2 – a completely different movie to Metropolis.. At this point ive gathered the ways in which to tweet (well more or less). The following are some of my highlights when it comes to my breakthrough moments:

But who would it even be my twitter account without random tweets that aren’t relevant in any way, shape or form? No – With that I introduce the highlights from this week

It was at this point she knew: no one cares

Throughout the first weeks I didn’t quite understand how people knew all this random information or picked up on little details and made it relevant to the screening… I hadn’t quite figured out the whole “pre-research the film for information” to compensate for this I ended up retweeting other peoples useful tweets.. In the more recent weeks I figured it out and started sharing similar types of information but in the earlier weeks I was clueless which is something ive improved on.

Week 3 – West World

Here was where my live tweeting started to take off, I really started to engage ( I think this may have been due to the inclusion of conversation ) I found it harder to focus in earlier weeks as the screenings where either silent or were with not that much speech but West World was an interesting story line from the beginning and throughout.

Heres some of my Top Tweets

Here are some of the tweets throughout the screening that are relevant to society, technology and the media

Week 4 – The Blade Runner

This Screening had me asking some questions, However the content shared and discussed by other students was at its peak in this week. Everyone brought their A-game this week and shared so much quality information. I didn’t quite grasp the story line (too busy trying to tweet and not watching the movie whist reading others tweets) so I had to read a synopsis after the film, But the points discussed by other students were amazing – connections to todays society, New technologies, Different society and the reality of todays functioning in the same way. Amazing.

*link was broken so heres a screenshot – Can be found on my twitter*
*Retweeted on my profile*

Week 5 – Ghost in the Shell

In this week I started to capture the whole concept of doing research before the screening… I probably overdid it to compensate for the fact that ive been oblivious for the last four weeks however doing so I found some interesting information on articles and I even looked up little bits and pieces of the screening that I wanted to know more about to get a better idea of why Anime films are made the way they are..

Overall, I think I’m starting to get a real hang on the live tweeting, However to improve my tweets I think it would be ideal to discuss more topics in the reading and lectures. The overall experience has been great and has been an excellent foundation for my Digital Artefact as im looking at future societies and how they would function in a holistic approach.

Heres my Twitter Profile to have a look at any other tweets/retweets and discussions. There are many but to keep this blog to a minimum I couldn’t include everything..

Until next time,
Melanie xx

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