Escape of the Dead 2

In BCM300 we’ve been looking at board games, more specifically how to analyse board games to get an understanding of the gaming community.

As discussed throughout this session the word “game” doesn’t have one definition that covers all aspects of gaming play. This is something that I found interesting and also confusing however as we dove into more detail this statement begins to make more and more sense to me as time goes on.

When learning about the categories of games I realised that there is a whole world of information that I was unaware of – when I play games, I play them because they’re fun and are a good way to spend time with other people. I never even thought of the in depth analysis of the game, how they were build, their themes methods and so much more!

When selecting a game I found Escape of the dead 2 – a game (if you couldn’t already tell) is about zombies. Something that automatically caught my eye as Im a huge fan of anything post apocalyptic.

Game Play:

Taking the time to learn how to play this game took a minute (partly because I couldn’t find a dice for the life of me) but once I got the dice I well on my way. When research which game I wanted to play I purchased based a few, anything with a huge rules list was a no from me. Im a simple girl and don’t like to overcomplicate things.

My response to the game was poor at the start because I had to keep referring back to the rules before I quite understood what was going on, however once I got the hang of it and knew I had to get to the hospital with health, fuel and luck it made it a bit easier.

Personally I didn’t quite find the game as engaging, having downloaded and printed the game it was black and white, the lack of colour gave me a lack of interest (personally). The overall board itself seemed messy and rushed – Probably a marketing/design technique as it is about zombies trying to kill you. However it didn’t really excite me. The fact that the board was also split down the middle made me a little confused at first. Personally would have preferred for each section to have had their own board. It didn’t bother me at the start but once playing the game I came to realise that a different set up would’ve been much easier. Bearing in mind it is a solo game so the tactics behind the game making was probably to keep the game space to a minimum.

As discussed by Caillois games can be decided into four categories, Taking this into consideration I recognised that Escape of the Dead 2 belongs to the Alea and Ilinx categories. Meaning the game is influenced by chance. being single player game, having a dice allows for the game to be played thousands of times before the exact same play is had. The experience changes each time due to the feature of randomness and chance. In addition to this the game has to take place in a physical dimension. You need a space to be able to play this game ( although the space isn’t necessarily big you’ll still need space for the board.

The games story line is discussed as a post apocalyptic setting with the rules requiring you to survive the zombie apocalypse by making it to the Hospital – which is described as a safe space. The mechanics of the game linked quite well with the game. The overall story line was kept well maintained which keeps the game from getting repetitive and allows me as a player to play this game over and over again with the possibility with different outcomes.

The game in my personal opinion changed my mood and behaviour as I after half an hour of playing the game, I had enough and begun getting frustrated. The lack of colour and excitement didn’t keep me stimulated enough for me to give the game a good crack. Although I didn’t quite enjoy the game as a whole I know that there are many single player board games that are much more enjoyable.

This game is also mainly Ludic game in regards to the fact that the game itself has strict rules that need to be adhered to in order to play the game (and ultimately succeed) Although you could alter the rules in order to play a variety of different versions of the game (by getting rid of rules and adding different ones). To do so you’d have to know the fuctionalities of the game quite well however it can be done. On the spectrum of Padic games in comparison to Ludic games Escape of the dead definitely is more towards the Ludic side of things.

Although I didn’t quite enjoy the game as much as I would have hoped, I did enjoy playing a different type of game in comparison to the ones I know and play – which are all mass produced. Playing a Niche game was an interesting and different experience and I hope that I can find other small games that are able to stimulate my mind.

Til next time,

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