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When it comes to looking into the title sequences “Night of the Demons” and “Chilling adventures of Sabrina” there are a number of factors to discuss and consider.

Both of these motion graphics are explored in a similar way. Using objects with somewhat minimal movement throughout the sequence, whilst maximising movement on secondary motion and temporal considerations. Both of these communicate the context of the series in which they are about.

Night of the Demons showcasing the main themes, telling a short story within the sequence by using motion. The primary motion used throughout this sequences includes a number of pauses, timing techniques, follow throughs and overlapping, as well as accelerations and decorations. All of these build tension and effectively communicate the content that is about to be portrayed in the show. The Chilling adventures of Sabrina using similar techniques. Both sequences use secondary motion for tracking, crane shots and zooming to make effective connections between each part of the sequence. Whilst each part of the sequence may be compartmentalised, they are all tied together by these camera motion techniques. Furthermore, Another important set of techniques used by both Robert Hack and Kathy Zielinski are temporal techniques. These professions employed techniques such as timing and velocity to further the effectiveness of these sequences. Doing all of this including the sound that was put together with the sequence allows for an overall cohesive motion design that is not only technically effective but also aesthetically effective.

Whilst these two sequences were very similar in the techniques and aesthetics explored its important to note that “Night of the demons” was created in 1988, and the “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” was made in 2018. Once understanding this an audience is able to see how the newer sequence based a variety of aesthetics and techniques from the earlier sequence. This is further broken down by Ester Zuckerman in her article.

*slide the “</>” to see each thumb nail of each sequence*

Using similar aesthetics and motion techniques there are a number of similarities between both sequences. One of the main notable points In looking at the thumbnails are the typography. Both of these motion designs explore a similar type theme/family. Although there is one distinct difference between each sequence and that is the use of colour. Depending on the context of each series, Night of the demons is a lot darker than Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, therefore the animations depict a difference feeling to express the contents of each series. When it comes to Optical vs Digital, its also important to note that these similarities between each sequence are still notable, regardless of the way in which these motions were made.

Although having 30 years between the making of each sequence both explore similar themes and techniques. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has a fair bit more complexity to the sequence however when broken down it still creates the same feelings as Night of the Demons made 30 years prior. Both are looking at different storylines, however their motion graphic sequences portray the same, if not extremely similar ideas.

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